EBT approved Easter Baskets?

I work in retail. I’m coming up on my third year anniversary at my lovely store next month. Just saying, if you have never worked retail, it should be a requirement of every American to do so for at least one month in their life.

Last week, while at work, I peeked into a box of upcoming signs to be put up for holidays. (Btw, want to burn out on holidays long before they arrive? Work retail.) I briefly saw out of the corner of my eye something I had to go back and pick up before I could believe what I was seeing.

EBT Approved Easter Baskets.

Now, for those of you who may not know, EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer, or in plain English, foodstamps. Free food for those who cannot, or mostly will not, work. Paid for by yours truly and all other hard working, tax paying folk.

You can tell the difference between the ones who use EBT because they have to and the ones who are abusing the government tit. The abusers pile candy up on my counter and swipe that orange card. The ones who need it, they buy food.

For the past three years, me and my co-workers, we have watched the candy and chip buying people and we have been angry but silent.

But now our store is sending us signs to hang up, saying basically, “Yes, please, use our tax dollars to buy yourselves Easter candy. Please, eat more crap food, get fatter and lazier, and we’ll keep working so you don’t have to.”

Gotta say, don’t want to work for that company anymore. But it’s not like I can quit. In this county, I’m a bit too white to get that orange card.

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